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Analyse de discours et d’images dans une perspective postcoloniale


20 et 21 Février 2020


Mme Marine Pierre, UNIGE Mme Pamela Ohene-Nyako, UNIGE Mme Camille Giraut, IHEID Mme Mélanie Pétrémont, UNIGE

  • Dr. Patricia Noxolo, senior lecturer in Human Geography, University of Birmingham
  • Dr. Çağla Elcin Aikac, researcher at the Department of Geography and Environmental studies, University of Geneva
  • Dr. Miguel Vale de Almeida, associate professor in Anthropology, ISCTE-IUL

This workshop will aim at discussing doctoral students' research related to alterity, racialization and ethnicization processes, and/or structural racism from a postcolonial and/or decolonial perspective. The areas covered as research fields will be Europe, Latin America and the Middle East, while the focus will be on discourse and image analysis. Discussions will also touch upon intersectional analysis to account for the multiple social dimensions (class, gender, sexuality, religion, etc.) and their combined effects. The two days will be declined into "presentations-discussions" supervised by expert guests from different disciplinary background of human and social sciences. Each participant will be actively involved in the discussions and given the choice to either present and send a 2-page thesis summary OR give a 5-7 min detailed feedback to a presenter.
In order for this workshop to provide concrete solutions, papers will be sent beforehand and presenters will be invited to share their questionings and difficulties on methodological or theoretical aspects. The invited experts will also present their own work and discuss the doctoral students ' presentations.


Université de Genève


Jeudi 20 février: l'activité a lieu à Carl-Vogt salle 008

Vendredi 21 février: l'activité a lieu à Unimail Salle M 5193



Délai d'inscription 14.02.2020

Activité co-financée avec Gender Cuso

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