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Oral History Interviews: Theoretical Refreshing and Interdisciplinary Fieldwork Lessons Learnt (Political Science, Sociology and Anthropology)


12-13 avril 2024


Pr Claude Hauser, UNIFR

Nataliya Borys, UNIFR


Dre Léa Sgier, UNIGE Pr Claude Hauser, UNIFR A déterminer 4 autres intervenantes


This workshop aims to fill this gap by offering 2 days of training for anyone actively engaged in, or simply interested in research relying on qualitative data collection involving a direct contact to the "field", be it in the form of observational methods (participant or non participant observation) or of conversational methods (interviewing, focus groups etc.). Based on our previous experience, the first day will be some theoretical refreshing of the qualitative methodology and doing interviews, introducing literature, and presenting some main problems during the interviews and how to handle them. The second part of the workshop is the share of experience from experts of different disciplines, mainly from anthropological fieldwork, political science, and sociology. During this workshop, we want to bring key insights of traditional anthropology, political science and sociology for historians and discuss how "going ethnographic and political scientist", "being a journalist" in practice or in spirit - can enrich, inspire, facilitate or improve history (field) research.





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